Window film can reduce heat up to 83% and glare up to 92% which protects against deterioration and most importantly, damage to your skin. You can choose from a darker more private film or a clear one with a very good protection without affecting the visibility for both sides. 


Home security is very important due to the amount of burglaries that happen on a regular basis. Burglars usually break in though windows or glass doors due to how easily accessible it is. We provide protection for your glass with a security window film that can create a tension and reinforce the glass which makes it much more resistant to break-ins. We do not guarantee that the glass will not break, but we can guarantee that it will not shatter. If they manage to break-in, even so, it is difficult to access it since the film remains attached to the glass, keeping it firm. You can also get protection against natural disasters like a hurricane or tornado. Let us give you a free estimate. 

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